This After Waxing Oil & Moisturiser uses Tea Tree Oil to remove wax residue as well as soothe & condition the skin. Unlike paraffin or vegetable based oils, this formula absorbs easily into the skin, leaving a non-greasy feel.

This quality antiseptic with Tea Tree will leave a clean, smooth finish. It also helps prevent ingrown hairs and bacteria from causing pustules and pimples. After Waxing Oil & Moisturiser is the economical way to totally remove sticky wax residue, leaving your clients with a silky smooth finish.


  1.   Easy absorption and superior emolliency
  2.   Non-greasy for a silky smooth finish
  3.   Quick and economical way to remove wax residue
  4.   Helps prevent ingrown hairs
  5.   Contains Tea Tree Oil
  6.   Acts as a germicide

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 After waxing your client, spray the area with After Waxing Spray & Moisturiser. A little goes a long way! Just 2 sprays per leg is ample to remove all sticky residue.