Prime Pro Extreme Aldehyde Free & Formaldheyde-Free Thermal Keratin Treatment 100ML

One in three women suffer daily from unmanageable hair. Thousands of them seek solutions to discipline their hair. Thermal Line has been specially developed for professionals to meet the expectations of beauty and well being of their clients. The goal is to provide maximum control of volume in hair, treating it, giving it shine and softness.

Thermal Line is indicated to treat frizzy, bulky, dull, hair with cuticles weakened by chemical processes, natural wear, or premature aging due to lack of essential nutrients. The treatment promotes fusion of active restorative properties responsible for controlling volume, making them more resistant to regenerating internal hair strands. The result is visibly regenerated hair, totally disciplined, silky, with antifrizz protection.


01. At first the professional cosmetologist / Hair Dresser will need to evaluate the degree of resistance of their client’s Hair
Wash hair 2 to 3 times with PRIME CLARIFYING THERMAL SHAMPOO #.01. If the hair is rebellious let rest 5 minutes during the third application Rinse thoroughly.

02. Remove 100% of the moisture with the help of a dryer and detangle only after being 100% completely dry.
Start applying THERMAL COMPLEX STEP #2 throughout hair starting at the nape about
¼ inch (1/2cm) from the root with the help of an Jeval applicator brush and a fine toothcomb to evenly distribute the product , then brush or pre align hair with a fine toothcomb and a hair dryer.

03. Flat iron Blond fine hair 8 to 10 times Dark to Black hair 12-15 times on each strand by dividing into layers. Let hair cool for 15 minutes or use cool air from the hair dryer.

04. Thoroughly rinse hair, then apply a generous amount of THERMAL BALANCE CONDITIONER #3 throughout the hair, let rest for up to 5- 10 minutes, and rinse thoroughly;
To End, apply Drop of Jeval Argan Oil not compulsory leave in from the maintenance line. Finalize and Style Desired. Next Hair wash should be after 3 days.