Prime Pro Bio Tanix Aldehyde Free & Formaldheyde-Free Keratin Treatment 1LTR

The BIO TANIX EXTREME line smoothens even the most rebellious hair, reduces volume, and eliminates frizz in just one application without yellowing and without losing the tone of the previously colored hair. The new formula contains essential ingredients for a complete restoration of the smoothing process and for total nutritional safety of the strands. Say goodbye to aggressive and preserving chemicals. With BIO TANIX EXTREME the hair gains a more natural look, intense shine, stays healthy and free of daily aggressions.

Bio Tanix Treatment Steps

  1. Analyze the hair and Shampoo up to three times with step 1 so the hair is thoroughly cleansed and the hair cuticle is open. The scalp should be protected so no rubbing or massaging.
  2. Before proceeding to step 2, it is important to give the bottle a good shake. Dry the hair off by 50%, separate the hair into four sections and starting from the nape apply Step 2 layer by layer then combing each section. The product goes a long way so there is no need to over use it.
    After full application, cover the hair with a cap. (The hair does not need to be combed down straight; it can be clipped up to into the cap. Let the hair rest for 45 to 60 Minutes. After the rest period, rinse out the step 2.No need to shampoo or condition.
  3. After step 2 rinsed out, apply SOL Hair & Beauty Leave in Treatment to protect the hair from heat. Dry the moisture out of the hair using a round brush to dry completely straight. After the hair is dry, starting at the nape separate the hair into fine sections and with a good quality flat iron(Straightener)

Flat iron each fine section 10 to 15 times .Normal to coloured curly frizzy hair 15 times with the iron temperature at 230 degrees. Blonde treated hair 10 times with the iron temperature at 180 degrees.

  1. After the flat ironing, it’s optional to rinse out or finish the process. If you decided to proceed with step 3. Rinse the hair and apply step 3 for 3 minutes, rinse out and apply Bio Tanix Magic help protein reconstructed and style as desired. It is safe to skip step 3 and give the client some step 3 to take home and apply the hair then shampoo after 2days. It is highly recommend that your client maintains their hair at home with the advice of soul hair & beauty bio educators recommend products to maintain their hair to last up to 4 months of beautiful healthy shiny hair.

Hair is safe to be coloured 2 days after process.