INOAR MOROCCAN Keratin Smoothing System 250ML

The world-renowned revolution in beauty industry’s INOAR Moroccan keratin restoration and smoothness system reduces hair puffiness and waviness by up to 95%! You can already enjoy ultra-luxurious looking hair! With minimal effort you will get the maximum impact.

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What is the Brazilian Hair Treatment?

A hair treatment that provides excellent results in chemically damaged or dry hair.

The hair is left in excellent condition with natural and durable movement, intense shine and silkiness and it is easy to manage. It also has a nice cocoa aroma.

Can I apply the Brazilian Hair Treatment to coloured hair , highlights, straightened hair or any type of chemical without breakage?

Yes you can, it is compatible with any chemical. It is important that the professional performs a diagnostic assessment of the client’s hair condition before undertaking any treatment procedure.

How long does the Brazilian Hair Treatment last?

It depends on hair texture, hair type and the number of times that each treatment is applied. One application will provide shine, smoothness and silkiness to hair, giving it the appearance of well treated and extremely naturally looking hair. The effects last from 45 to 60 days.

What is the effect on hair application of the Brazilians Hair Treatment?

On the first application the hair looks softer and well moisturized with a visible reduction in volume.

What is the result of the Brazilian Hair Treatment on curly hair?

Curly hair which has had the Brazilian Hair Treatment will look brighter, softer, have  greater frizz-control and reduced volume. The process provides an overall treatment relaxing neutralization,remove hair moisture with a towel and follow the step-by-step instructions for Brazilian Hair Treatment.

Are inoar products supplied with and instruction manual?

Every product is supplied with a step-by-step folder.

Does the Product cause any eye irritation or produce smoke?

Our products do not cause smoke or burn the eyes , providing each professional does not apply too much product and follows the correct application procedures.

How much product should I use for one application of Brazilian Hair Treatment?

For one application on long hair, it is generally advised to use 50ml of the product .during these processes do not soak the hair as it does not change the final result. Using excess product could cause the treatment to smoke during the ironing process.