How to use: 1. Analysis of the hair- assess hair quality and decide on the processing time: 15 minutes for natural, fine and coloured hair, 30 minutes for resistant and very curly hair.

2.Hair cleansing – if hair is clean, dampen with water, otherwise wash hair with K.Kiss Shampoo.

3.K.Liss Straightening Cream application: wear suitable gloves. Squeeze content of K.liss Straightening cream into a plastic bowl. Divide hair into 4 equal sections (t section). Starting at the nape, apply straightening cream stand-by-strand with a tinting brush.DO NOT apply to the 1stcm of root and do not touch the scalp. Distribute the straightening cream evenly. Max Keep 30 Minutes

4.Rinsing – rinse with warm water till K.liss cream is removed completely. Apply K.liss conditioner, leave for 2-3 minutes , rinse and towl dry.

5.K.liss Restructuring Protective Keratin Spray Application- apply K.Liss spray over the whole hair.

6.Blow Dry hair straight. Do not use a brush or comb. Do not apply tension to the hair. Once the hair is dry,brush gently with a plastic brush.

7.Ironing treatment- heat straightening iron to Maximum 180oC, work at a 90o angle, without adding tension, Smooth the hair strand-by-strand.

8.Kliss Neutralizing Emulsion treatment- divide hair into 4 sections as before.Starting from the nape apply Neutralizing cream strand-by-strand o dry hair without adding tension. Leave on hair 15 minutes.

9.Rinsing- rinse with warm water. Apply K.liss conditioner. leave for 3 minutes and rinse.

10.Finishing – blow dry the hair straight. Do not apply tension.Do not twist the hair.

K.LISS Keratin System Straightening

A new and effective system that achieves poker straight, shiny, easy to style hair!

K.Liss is an innovative Thermal Straightening System that permanently straightens for 3/4 months giving hair an amazing gloss and shine. This effective thermal system eliminates frizz, revitalizes and restructures hair by infusing Hydrolyzed Keratin deep into the hair’s cuticle: with the aid of heat, the Keratin proteins bind tightly to the hair’s Keratin’s chains, helping their reconstruction. Ideal for all hair types.

Easy to use, performing products!

The KIT: K.Liss products have innovative and exclusive formulations, especially designed to respect the hair:

  • 100% Formaldehyde Free.