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The Jeval Italy Hair Colour System is derived from plant liposomes for all hair types. The glycolic vegetable extracts and plant liposomes in Jeval Colour protect and preserve the hair during the colour service. The natural botanical plant base is kinder and is gentler to the hair and scalp as the ingredients are not as harsh on the hair structure.

The 6 vegetable liposomes found in Jeval Colour to aid in the colouring process are:

Burdock Liposome dermo purifying action
Echinacea Liposome emollient action
Ginseng Liposome toning action
Hypericum Liposome stimulating action
Marine Oak Liposome softening action
Lime Liposome refreshing action

Jeval Colour contains a vitamin liposome called D-Panthanol which is a stable form of Vitamin B5 and has high protein content. The protein increases the hair’s elasticity whilst nourishing and conditioning the hair during the colour process therefore improving the structure of the hair leaving the hair feeling stronger and in better condition after the colour whilst giving the hair amazing shine.

Jeval Colour also contains hydrolised grain protein which is derived from wheat that strengthens the hair. New grain silicon co-polymers of vegetable origin, attach themselves to the cuticle to strengthen the hair whilst locking in the colour pigments to achieve more durable colour results.

The low ammonia formulation of 1% reduces the sensitisation on the scalp and skin. The main benefits of having a low ammonia content in the colour means less swelling to the cuticle of the hair, better colour deposition and durability leaving the hair in better condition with an amazing shine.

Jeval Colour has a 2 parts oil to water ratio so the consistency of the product is a smooth crème base that is easy to apply with a fresh fruity fragrance. The oil base is beneficial to the Australian climate as the size of the colour molecules penetrates deeper into the cortex of the hair minimizing colour fade. Jeval is a hybrid colour that can be used for all methods of hair colouring from demi-colouring through to permanent colouring.

This natural botanical based product comes in 100 gm tube and the colour pigments in the colour have a smaller molecular weight which aids in better colour absorption allowing for 100% grey coverage, better colour penetration and colour endurance.